Ch. Agua Viva's She Likes It Hot, CGC, TT
Dynna is the daughter of Ch. Sunnyhill Dom Benjamin and Ch. Agua Viva’s Indira’s Mirage (“Meera”).  She is a beautiful irish marked lady and she knows her own beauty.  Every dog has it's story, and Dynna's is that she was born in the back seat of a 1997 Chevy Suburban that was driving at 60 miles per hour! We had to stop in front of a Quizno's sub shop on the way home from the veterinarian (who assured us that it would be at least 24 hours before Meera had any puppies!)

Dynna is a very spoiled young lady.  She sits at the table, in a chair, and expects to eat like the rest of the family. (Art feeds her at the table because he thinks she expects this!)  Her nicknames are "Pretty-Princess" and "Bop-Bop." She is an American show champion who has also earned her Canine Good Citizen and Temperment Test degrees.  She is the dam of multiple litters.  Dynna passes on her beauty and sweetness to all of her puppies.  She is a typical PWD!

Whelped:      September 4, 2002
Breeder:       Rosanne & Art Cherkinsky and Lorri Cherkinsky
Sire:     Ch. Sunnyhill Dom Benjamin
Dam:            Ch. Agua Viva's Indira's Mirage

OFA (hips):          PW-3903G25F-PI
     (elbows):      PW-EL1055F25-PI
Optigen:       Normal
GM-1:    Clear
CERF:           PW-4447N/2008--75