Community Service
Community Service

At Agua Viva, we have learned to respect the intelligence of the PWD.  Because they are in the Working Group, these dogs do well when given a job or task to do.  They were bred to do a full days work on the fishing boats in Portugal.

It is our passion at Agua Viva to participate in Therapy Dog work with our PWDs.  This tradition began 15 years ago with “Indy” and continues today through Indy’s daughter “Meera” and granddaughter “Dynna.”  Blitz and Sunny have also participated in therapy dog sessions.

After only an hour in a nursing home, hospital or classroom, our PWDS come home mentally and physically exhausted.  Because they love being petted and are so cute, the facilities love having our dogs visit.  Our dogs are not “trick dogs”, like some of the little dogs, however, they do love people and seem to have a sixth sense about being in a special setting.  They are very gentle with the people they are visiting, knowing exactly when to sit quietly or give kisses, depending on the situation.

Pictures of some of our dogs performing Community Service

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that appeared in the
Lansing  State Journal about the reading program "PAWMARK"
that our "Blitz" and "Meera" participated in!